What’s next?

My personal tutor at university has always been a big motivation for me, all it would take was to hear her speak about everything she has done and I would instantly be motivated to do everything the best I possibly could. During my time at university however, and having to gain experience, I struggled to do so and although I gained different experiences, it isn’t as much as I would have liked.

After meeting with my personal tutor, she suggested that when I graduate it would be best to take some time to figure out what path I would like to go down. Although I have always had a clear vision of the paths I would like to go down, I thought this was a good idea, and an idea that took the weight off my shoulders. I have therefore decided that after I graduate it would be best to spend the year thinking what it is I want to be a part of, and it would be great to try and freelance for companies in order to gain the experience I feel as though I have missed out on. By doing this, next year I will be in a much better position to share my experiences with others.

I have always wanted a career where I wake up to an alarm and dive out of bed happy to start the day. I currently work as a duty manager at Iceland Foods and I really do love it there. I have learned so much and the role itself has built me into the person I am today. I have been encouraged to make my way further up the ladder, and this is because how invested I am in Iceland Foods and I have gained loads of experiences to the point where I know I am capable of exceeding. I therefore have to apply this to the media industry in a way, as I have gained experience but this isn’t enough to make me a confident person, if I was to be offered a job in the media industry I would be incredibly excited as I am a quick learner, but I also want to be ready to show them what I am made of.

So, that is what is next. I am 21 years of age and I have been in education since I was 4 years old. I am a curious and creative person and would like to see where my free mind leads me once I finish my degree. In the mean time, I will keep my blog updated.

Until then,

Enjoy what you do!


My last show on Reload Radio

Below is an hour clip, it has been edited (cut short at the end of the hour) for the sake of an assignment submission but I thought I’d share this with you! We are live  from 1:49 on this clip!

Reload Radio

For the past two weeks for our radio assignment we have created an online radio station called Reload Radio. Myself and Charlotte presented the live shows on Wednesday 17th January, Thursday 18th January, Wednesday 24th January and Thursday 25th January! I have came out of my comfort zone into the world of radio and it has been extremely fun! Reload Radio focuses on the 90’s and 00’s. Below is an upload of our live two hour show on Thursday 18th January.


Final year…

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 11.39.32.png

I am now in my final year at university and I am over-swarm in assignments. I have completed a Radio Production document in which we had to create a radio station and every thing involved needed to create the station. I decided to call my radio station Glissade, at first I looked at another word for enchanting and relaxing and I found the word Glissade and immediately made a logo for it. Then, having looking at the definition for the word Glissade it turns out it means “a way of sliding down a steep slope of snow or ice, typically on the feet with the support of an ice axe.” So that turned out great, nevertheless I kept my radio station name and decided to interpret it the same way, in terms of sliding through time in the mind being relaxed. The music I decided to put on my radio station was New Age, Soft Rock, Pop and R&B. I decided to create a radio station which was completely different, bringing something new to audiences around Birmingham, having all their ideal relaxing and enchanting music all one one place. For this project, 5000 words later of a production document I gained a high 2:1 which I was very proud of as Radio isn’t my forte.


I am also not the best logo creator, as you can see…


My second assignment of final year was to work as a group to create a company and programme. We decided to be a co-operative company and create a fly-on-the-wall documentary called Pension Diaries. The intention was to create a programme to showcase what elderly people are like when nobody else is around at their care homes and how important family and friends visiting really is. We thought the programme best suited Channel 4 due to their fly-on-the-wall documentaries and their recent focus on elderly people in Gogglebox and Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds.’ We wanted to provide light-hearted comedy as well as showing awareness for elderly people, and bringing in a young audience. We pitched the idea to two tutors at university and each put the idea across effectively, gaining the same mark I got in my radio assignment, a high 2:1!


Dudley Zoo

For mine and Heidi’s final year production project we thought it would be a great idea to create a bag-packing style zoo documentary, slightly similar to that of ‘The Secret Life of the Zoo’, however with the intentions to film ourselves traveling to the destinations with a GoPro editing it so it is sped up and then resuming a normal speed at the Zoo itself. We intended to film the animals in their habitats providing a light-humoured narrative in the style of David Attenborough in attempt to bring in new and young audiences featuring the programme as a Netflix series.

With our ideas set in place we decided to visit the first zoo, Dudley Zoo. We set up the cameras and we first approached the monkeys which were behind a cage in a large enclosure. They were fascinating and we had good ideas for our voice overs in post-production. When we began filming we realised the monkeys were rather far back, and this was the situation with almost all of the animals there, being placed behind glass or cages. When filming we realised this wasn’t ideal for a documentary, or infact any programme as the content wasn’t enjoyable to watch due to restricted access we had.

We decided that we needed to sit down and think through a new plan for our production project and create something ideal that can showcase our production skills as well as engaging audience members.

I also found that my Samsung S6 had much better quality when zooming in and focusing than the Canon C100!

So, what have I done this year?

During year two at university I have focused myself on gaining experience as well as juggling my part time job and getting my assignments done the best I can. I have worked in Milton Keynes at Hunt and Son, a property maintenance company I took part in my first year due to how tricky it was to find a placement in the media industry.

After assisting the company in my first year at university providing my media skills taking part in photography and short videos and creating leaflets I decided to contact them again and they were more than happy to have me work alongside them again. I took part in taking photographs again for their business and also took part in short videos suitable for advertisements or to use on their website.

I also took part in working on a set design for somebody’s third year final project. I had not done set design before but I’m good at being creative and so I helped the group choose their set for their show, whilst someone else was available on the day to put this together. I took into consideration their budget and looked for cheap but affective products for them to use on their ‘Match Me If You Can’ dating show mainly based at Birmingham City University studios.

I also took part in a Zesty Orange Productions project for their final year project too. For this I was the vision mixer, something I had not done since my first year and so I was a bit apprehensive about this but I trusted myself in having a recap of the vision mixer role and as I am a quick learner this was no hassle. The director for the show ‘The Last Fanz Standing’ was very busy with people dropping out their roles during the day and so she had to also take control of this meaning she took her attention off telling me which cameras to cut to, this meant I had to remain focused and cut the cameras to where I thought best suited. I am good at using my initiate and creativity in situations like this and enjoyed doing this role.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 11.39.10.png









What are my ideas?


So if were being honest, Scary Movie isn’t the most amazing film out there (sorry Wayans) but it does most certainly have the Wayans brothers written all over it.

Scary movie however has been the root of my inspiration and urge to make similar films. By ‘similar’ I don’t mean a replicate of the film, that would be daft, but in the sense of the humour used. I can relate to the production team for Scary Movie 2000 as I have these type of ideas and visions and humour.

I think this is the part it’s useful for me to attach a trailer I made in year 11 called ‘The Possessed.’


Me and my best friend Heidi made this trailer off the top of ours heads with no plan what so ever. We devised it ourselves in the heat of the moment, filmed it ourselves, and edited it straight after. What we was trying to get across was the genre we liked and wanted to carry out. I make the camera angles obvious, such as 0:35, lifting the camera above my head to do an over-head shot which had been enforced by us from our teachers throughout the course that much that we wanted to use it to kind of take the mick out of how horrors are filmed. When you watch a horror film you know what’s around that dark corner, you know that the character should most certainly not go an investigate the noise down the dark corridor all alone, it’s the things we scream at the screen whilst we watch it; ‘NO DANIEL DO NOT GO AND CHECK IT OUT AND DISABLE ALL YOUR ELECTRIC SUPPLY’.

When we watch horror films these conventions work well as this is what makes the genre up, this is what keeps us in suspense, even though we know something is going to happen, the predictability and unpredictability of what could happen is part of the heart pounding moments we feel. But my favourite thing about Scary Movie is that it provides both the humour and the horror in one combination, which is one of my favourite things. Let’s take for example the phone call Ghostface makes to Shorty, in any other horror film being on the receiving end of that phone call the character would be terrified and the ghost on the other end would more than likely be on their way to kill the character, but Shorty decides to have a joke and talk to Ghostface as if he was his friend. When Ghostface turns up to Shorty’s house they smoke and drink together with his friends and rap together, then Ghostface kills all his friends in the room and Shorty doesn’t even realise he just compliments the rap he did instead.

Much of the humour in Scary Movie relies upon specific references to other contemporary films, such as Scream (1996) and I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) – utilising the general narrative arcs of both films. This is what I did when making my trailer, I used a mix of Paranormal Activity with the over the top sound effects which lets be honest have no meaning but just seem to magically work when all complied together, and the humour from Scary Movie.

In my trailer I was mostly trialling things out and didn’t have much media knowledge or knowledge on editing and camera skills like I do now. But I find the trailer useful in showing people my humour in terms of genre and how to create something different, something thats not predictable. I want to create unpredictable films, I don’t want them to be silly and over the top, I still want the heart pounding moments of what is around that corner and what will happen next, but I want to be able to have the audience in hysterics at a horror film, because this is very rare and by doing that we are then creating a larger unique audience.